Bruichladdich – ”Hydrogen boost to decarbonising distillation plans”

11 december, 2021

Hannah Thaxter från Bruichladdich destilleri rapporterar om Bruichladdichs senaste utveckling – deras nya innovativa vätgasförbränningsteknik!


Major funding has been granted to Bruichladdich and our partner energy company Protium to further develop innovative hydrogen combustion technology. This green hydrogen technology does not emit any carbon, or any other greenhouse gases, which would give us a renewable alternative to our current fuel.

“Green” hydrogen means it’s made by splitting hydrogen out of water H2O using electricity that comes from renewables. Our view is that other ‘colours’ of hydrogen are not viable from a sustainability point of view or an Islay point of view…”

Gå in och läs hela artikeln på – Bruichladdich.


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