Recension – Ardbeg Ardcore, Limited Edition

3 november, 2022

Suzanne Bayard från theWhiskyWash har granskat Ardbegs flaska; Ardcore, Limited Edition.

”Ardbeg is an Islay distillery founded in 1815 and today owned by Moët Hennessy/LVMH. Production dwindled to nothing under Hiram Walker’s ownership between the 1970s-1990s. Fortunately for us, Glenmorangie purchased and reopened the distillery in 1997. Today, they’re known for stunts including aging whisky in space, a V8 tractor that’s toured the world, and being named World Whisky of the Year four times. Recently, a 1975 cask of Ardbeg sold for a record-breaking $19 million, so they must be doing something right in attracting a following…”

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Denna sida innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker. Du skall därför vara minst 20 år för att besöka den.

Jag är under 20 år.