Recension – Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2011

25 november, 2021

Thijs Klaverstijn har släppt sin recension för Bruichladdichs nya flaska; Bere Barley 2011 (2021).

”Boy, have I fallen in love with Bruichladdich’s Bere Barley releases over the past few years. This Islay distillery’s spirit has an old school quality to begin with, but the use of a heritage variety takes it up to another level.

Bere barley is Britain’s oldest strain of cultivated cereal. It’s a six-row barley that would have been the grain used by Scotland’s early distillers many centuries ago. The bere barley grains are much smaller and denser than modern varieties such as Laureate and Concerto. Those characteristics make for a different, even unique flavour profile…”

Gå in och läs hela recensionen på – Words of Whisky.


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