Recension – Bunnahabhain 1996 Angel’s Choice, Malts of Scotland

1 november, 2022

Thijs Klaverstijn från har granskat Malts of Scotlands flaska, en Bunnahabhain från 1966; Angel’s Choice.

”Time to dust off another oldie from the sample drawer. This Bunnahabhain 1966 Angel’s Choice from Malts of Scotland was bottled 11 years ago. What’s more, only 88 bottles of just 35 centiliter each were made available. Now that’s a limited release.

But it’s somewhat troubling that a single cask of whisky only generates such a tiny outturn, even if it is after 40+ years of ageing. What’s more, the alcohol content has dropped to a just barely legal strength. This Bunnahabhain 1966 was in danger of falling below the legal threshold of 40 percent abv for Scotch whisky. And thus it was bottled…”

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Denna sida innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker. Du skall därför vara minst 20 år för att besöka den.

Jag är under 20 år.