Recension – ”Caol Ila by the bucketful”

6 december, 2022

WhiskyFun bjuder på en mega recension i fyra delar av en rad Caol Ila flaskor!

”Caol Ila by the bucketful”
”A figure of speech, naturally, but we have got really big ambitions today, given that I’ve been neglecting my CIs lately… But let’s see what we have and try to find an easy youngster as our apéritif…”

”Caol Ila by the bucketful, part two”
”Always with young ones, which really abound these days… The last one yesterday was a 2010 for LMDW, so let’s start this with another 2010 for LMDW. They have a huge catalogue this year…”

”Caol Ila by the bucketful, part three”
”Not even sure it’s going to be the last…”

”Caol Ila by the bucketful, part four and hopefully last”
”In truth we were having a secret goal, which was to try our 800th Caol Ila before the end of the year. I think we shall succeed… In the meantime, more wine (and Caol Ila, ha)…”



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