Recension – Lagavulin 11 YO Offerman Edition

12 januari, 2023

Jerry Jenae Sampson från the Whiskey Wash granskar Lagavulin’s 11-åriga flaska; Offerman Edition, Charred Oak Cask.

”When it comes to celebrity collaboration in the wonderful world of spirits, it doesn’t get more on brand than Nick Offerman’s partnership with Lagavulin on the third in the Offerman Edition limited series. This Scotch whisky lends itself perfectly to Offerman’s well known Parks and Recreation character, the masculine-obsessed Ron Swanson, who likely brushed his teeth with a combination of cigar smoke and deer jerky. And those flavors are what come through in the initial tasting of Lagavulin Offerman Edition Charred Oak Cask 11 Years, offering a peaty Scotch with a ton of personality…”

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