”The Bowmore Ultimate Rare Collection”

27 mars, 2022

”Bowmore’s current focus seems to be on the old casks that lie sleeping in the Islay distillery’s warehouses. Last week we reported on the Bowmore 1965 Precious Metals, today with the Ultimate Rare Collection we move another series of venerable single malts into the focus of whisky fans and especially collectors of such limited editions.

The Bowmore 1969 represents the conclusion of the 50-year-old editions and a Bowmore 30-year-old as well as a Bowmore 40-year-old join it as comparatively ”young” editions.”

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Denna sida innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker. Du skall därför vara minst 20 år för att besöka den.

Jag är under 20 år.